Night before sniffmas (Pre order)

Night before sniffmas (Pre order)

Christmas can be a busy and sometimes stressfull time in many households especially for our dogs, so why not keep them entertained and help them to relax with our night before sniffmass box. Two different styles to choose from something to suit every dog out there.


Box 1

-LickiMat Tuff 

-Hol-ee football (M)

-80g pate

-50g Lung


Box 2

-LickiMat Classic

-Kong Classic (M)

-80g Pate 

-Tubi-dog liver paste  


*Christmas boxes are for pre order only and will not be shipped until early-mid December depending on the specific box. If you are ordering other non-chrismtas items and wish to recieve them sooner, please make a seperate order, otherwise they wont be shipped until December also.


*The photo above is for advertising purposes only and does not depit the exact box contents