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About Us

How we got here

One Paw at a Time is a brand established by Amy Collins in 2021. Since a young age, Amy has been passionate about dogs and expanding her knowledge around them, with the aim of always providing her own dogs with the best quality of life. 

However, she quickly discovered that for the most part, Ireland was lacking in various aspects relating to dogs, including public knowledge and particularly sources of high quality, natural products. 

Influenced by her three dogs, Roxie, Lotti & Cooper, Amy wanted to provide high quality, natural treats and products to the people of Ireland. Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the forefront of her business model. 


She wants to share her knowledge and love of dogs, in the hope to encourage Irish owners to become more aware of their choices. After all why choose 'artificial colours and flavours' when natural is the best for all, including our dogs.

An established City & Guilds dog groomer, adding this store to her lifestyle made every sense. Amy & her partner love nothing more than making memories and cherishing moments in the Irish countryside with their dogs.


And so, One Paw at a Time was born.


We hope you love it as much as we do. x

Meet the Team



Owner & Founder


My guardian angel 


Chief dog in charge


Chief treat stealer


Chief taste tester

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