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Beef Tripe

Beef Tripe

Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal including cows, buffalo and sheep. The same digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria that help the grazing animals digest food stuff will do the same for your dog. Beef tripe is tasty, healthy and dogs go crazy for this delicious natural treat. An ideal vitiman bomb for all dogs in contains valuable vitimans A, C, D, E & B as well as minerals and vegtable residues.


100% Beef

14-17cm Aprx.


Protein 70.1%

Fat 11.3%

  • Safety Notice

    Pets should always be supervised while enjoying any chews or treats. It is the responsibility of the owner to assess the suitability of any treat before feeding it to your dog and to ensure fresh water is always available.

50 Grams
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