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Dog Earred Drops

Dog Earred Drops

Natural ear infection and cleansing drops. Help to clear up minor ear infections, and used regularly as maintenance will prevent recurring problems.


Dosage: Apply up to 5 drops directly into each ear and massage into ear canal for cleaning. Apply twice daily for 3 days for infections when dog is shaking head or scratching ears.

[Does include herbs to prevent ear mite infection, but if ear mites are present we recommend vet treatment; similarly if symptoms persist longer than 3 days of treating with ear oil]. 

Ingredients: Lavender, Mullein, St John's Wort, Garlic.

  • Safety Notice

    If your pet is on any long term medication, or suffers from a serious, on-going health issue, please consult you vet before using this product. If any reactions occur, cease use immediatly and consult your vet. Always follow directions for use of each individual product.

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