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Don't Bug Me

Don't Bug Me

Don't Bug Me - Monthly Spot On.

Geraniol based tick and flea repellent and treatment. Once applied the geraniol spreads across the skin and sits in the hair follicles

Repels: The geraniol binds with the General Odorant Binding Proteins (GOPBs) in the insects’ antennae or other olfactory sensory organs, disrupting the host odor profile, repelling the insects.

Kills: Geraniol disrupts the insects cell walls and membranes,and acts directly on the insect’s cuticle (called chitin) dehydrating them and subsequently suffocating them.

Dosage: 1ml per 5kg of dog weight every 4 weeks.

*For an active dog, in and out of water or regularly groomed, in a high risk/wooded area, we would recommend reapplication every 2 weeks. Otherwise apply each month

Suitable for Puppies 3 Months+, Pregnant/lactating bitches & Cats

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