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Hairless Hamper

Hairless Hamper

Hairless Hamper is pre made box packed full of tasty treats and chews for your dog. It is the ideal box for anyone who isnt a fan of anything hairy!


Hairless Hamper Contains;

- 1 Lamb Foot

- 1 Cow Hoof

- 1 Pork Roll

- 2 Chicken Feet

- 1 Goat Ear

- 1 Pork Snout

- 50g Cod Rings

- 50g Tripe

- 50g Beef Lung

- 50g Lamb Lung


*Please note although the contents of this box is set, it may vary at times due to stock available.

  • Safety Notice

    Pets should always be supervised while enjoying any chews or treats. It is the responsibility of the owner to assess the suitability of any treat before feeding it to your dog and to ensure fresh water is always available.

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