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Tribal Rewards

Tribal Rewards

Tribal Rewards are packed with superfood ingredients that have real health benefits. They’re gently batch baked by hand in carbon neutral wood fired ovens. They come in a range of different flavours including meat and vegatarian options.




Liver & Lavander; Tasty air dried beef liver and lavander flowers are deliciously calming treats, perfect for bedtime and everyday soothing. Fat:13.5%, Protein:12.3%


Coconut, Banana & Peanut Butter; Baked coconut, banana & peanut butter, meat-free dog treats formulated with 9% coconut oil, a natural source of medium chain fatty acids which can boost the metabolism and improve skin and coat condition to help keep your dog slim and trim. Fat:19.3%, Protein:10%


Apple, Mint, Ginger; Baked, meat-free apple, mint & ginger dog treats, great for sensitive tummies and dogs with bad breath. Fat:12.8%, Protein:7.8%

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